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Strain relief of the power cable - Nordex N90
Photographer: Georg Schreiber

Dear customers,
this catalogue is intended to inform you about our standard product range for Cable Grips! Cable Grips are very useful tools for the safe laying of energy cables, controllines, communication cables, overhead lines, etc., for traction-relieved suspension of cables and hoses and many other purposes.

Our cable grips are manufactured from high-quality galvanised 19-cord Bowden line strands. The respective dimensions have been determined in accordance with our experience - also the practical experience of our customers. The flexible cylindrical netting perfectly adjusts to the diameter of the cable and settles around the cable jacked in a slip-proof manner, which ensures the force-closed transmission of traction forces. However, for any of those activities, it must be taken care of that the respective diameters of the cables, ropes or hoses match the diameter range of the cable grip. Since, when choosing a cable grip that is too large, it might slip off the cable jacket.


Overhead line construction over Bosporus;
ImgSrc: Siemens AG

In addition to our standard product range presented in this catalogue, we are also able to manufacture customised cable grips according to your requirements and specifications, without any purchase conditions for minimum amounts, etc.

For special application purposes, e.g. in the fields of seawater or purification plant application, we manufacture cable grips from non-corrosive stainless steel cords - DIN 1.4401 or from plastic monofilament.

Please note: Plastic cable grips (Polyamide) have a much lower ultimate capacity and are not UV-resistant.

We are looking forward to a good cooperation.

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